Saturday, August 17, 2019

Scrotum Scrutinized

How he hated “going bare”... the cringe he felt being slapped by his uncle’s belt more than doubled as he overheard the comments of the witnesses to the scene… his “wiener” and “nutsack”! He shriveled with shame…


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  2. He always knew he had big balls- a vast, scrotum dangling loose, folds of skin hanging down, enclosing the big, fat marbles. But being stripped for a spanking forced him to show it off to the females and he really did not like that. Especially when he was bent over to take it and the order had been, “And spread those legs.” He thought his uncle only did that to make him reveal the nutsack so that his female cousin and his sister- vicious girls- would get to laugh at him, both being 18 and never having had boyfriends. His aunt enjoyed seeing his privates and thought it funny how the balls ballooned between his thighs when he was in that position. Once she had exclaimed, “Oh goodness, look at it swing!” as the lashes had struck.

    1. No worse punishment for a young man at that age! He had to resist the urge to cover his balls and (as if the situation could be any worse) even the hole peeking out between his cheeks…afterward, he will not be spared corner time!

  3. What a delicious sight for ladies like me! A big bad bulbous scrotum with two fat plums inside, squeezing out between the fella’s thighs!


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