Tuesday, January 31, 2017

On Display: Naked and hating it

19-year old Liam slowly rose up from leaning over the chair. He felt the belt's sting reverberate on his bare cheeks.

The comments were the worst part. Look how red his ass is!

His weiner! The girls shrieked with laughter. You can see everything! He has extra skin covering his thing, one of them whispered mockingly, adding to his torment.

His balls are hairy too!

Liam sniffled, on the verge of tears. This was no regular spanking—his raw ass buzzed in pain.

He felt his uncle's hand slap at his forearm.

Get those hands away from your ass! Stand up straight.

Liam thought he'd show off by drinking outside—little did he know the snitch 18-year-old neighbor girls would rat him out. 

He stood there, bare as could be, facing his uncle, Mrs. Johnson and her two girls his age and their friend.

The woman let out a half-sarcastic gasp, drinking in as much as the lad's naked body while she had the chance.

Liam's eyes flickered toward his crumpled boxers in the corner, hoping to put them on and regain a shred of dignity. His uncle's hawkish eyes caught him.

I apologize for my nephew, ladies.

He got near the lad, lowering his voice—but purposely not enough that the other's couldn't hear.

You stand in that corner till I tell you to move—facing the room; not hiding with your bottom toward us. Hands on your head, or that ass will turn purple.

The girls whispered amongst themselves, delighted at the spectacle.

I can't believe he has to go naked!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Underwear, too

I don't care you're embarrassed. Now stand in the corner until sunset!

19 or not, he had no choice but to show off or get a reddened ass..

Friday, January 27, 2017

Harsh discipline: bare as sin in a crowded kitchen

Cussing in front of the ladies had some very dire consequences.

Come in and apologize! Don't make me get your stepfather to tan your hide again!

When the conversation turned to his body itself, he couldn't help but blush...

Look at those hairy legs!

He must be awfully embarrassed with it all dangling out like that!

Awfully shy now, isn't he!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

"Baring"... a young man's worst nightmare

Beyond embarrassing... he stared, pained, at his crumpled shorts in the corner; trying not to look at his gawking neighbors...

Even when he gets his clothes back, everyone will know what he looks like naked...

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Not a bad dream: Totally bare, uncovered, NAKED, in front of the ladies of the block

Keep your hands on the couch. You even think of covering, and the switch comes out again.

18 year old Graham stood there, head buzzing with shock.


He stood there sniffling, unable to hold back the tears streaming down his cheek. He was so bewildered that he barely felt the sharp sting buzzing on his rear, which was displayed, to his dismay, prominently in the air.


His voice stammered. Ye—yes.

What a nightmare. The normally cocky young man stood there utterly humiliated and defeated. The armor of his dignity was stripped away. Several neighbor women, his aunt, and even a girl from his class stood there gawking, laughing, staring at him.
He had been warned—"Act out again, and I'll have you bare as a board!" He hadn't believed his hard-ass uncle.

When his neighbor and her daughter rang the doorbell and let said uncle know that Graham had been smoking behind the house, it took all of 4 or 5 minutes for him to be dragged downstairs by the ear, made to undress—and not just shirtless, or to his underwear—but totally bare naked, and have his bottom reddened the shade of a ripe tomato over his uncle's knee.

It was just his luck that his aunt was having several women friends over, who followed the sounds of the lad's protests, whoops and howls as his uncle led him down the stairs by the ear, stripped him of every shred of dignity and punished his behind. As if that wasn't bad enough, he had to stand there... for an hour.

The chardonnay loosened their tongues.

Well, I'm sure he's learned his lesson!

What a shame... and such a fine specimen!

I'd wondered what was under those shorts at the pool!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Please, not on the bare!

"Please, not nak..." Panicked, the word caught on his tongue. "Please, let me at least keep my briefs on!"

"Drop em."

The gasps and giggles were like daggers in his ears.


His strict uncle wasn't about to let him off the hook for getting brought home by the cops just because his cousin's friends were over... 19 years old, captain of the varsity swim team, it didn't matter. He covered himself, even though everyone had seen everything, on his way to the corner...

Monday, January 9, 2017

His Swim Team Uniform is his Birthday Suit

He had been warned before... The recalcitrant 19-year-old thought "forgetting" his suit would let him skip out on the stupid swim meet at his strict reform school. Boy, was he wrong!

Gulp.. at least he could wear his goggles

Trying to blend in and act tough, even as he was counting down the seconds till it was over... the dozen or two mothers and sisters of the team seemed to greatly enjoy his predicament

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Grin and bare it

College men's swim teams used to compete fully nude! When they started to phase this out, the couch's assistant, or "towel boy", who helped out in the locker room and poolside, often did not receive one...

That's It, Get Undressed

"The bare chair"... the ticking of a timer clacked in the background behind him, counting down the minutes until he could cover up his shame...
Underwear too! I don't care if you're embarrassed, you should have thought of thought before!

Keep pouting and I'll invite the neighbor girls over for a look!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bared on Lady's Night–Stand in the corner, young man!

19-year-old Matty's blood pounded in his temple, and turned his cheeks tomato red. His other cheeks, the ones behind his waist, were covered (not very well) by his shaky hands, as if by instinct; a desperate attempt to hide them from curious eyes.

The lad's bottom was bare as the day he was born—and facing dead-on his stepmother's Wednesday night knitting circle, which was crowded into the den.

Stealing from Mrs. Samson's purse?!

Had it been one minute or sixty that he had been standing there, half-listening to her angry lecture? It started with his shirt and jeans; with him standing there in his briefs. He may have been spared further humiliation, if he hadn't rolled his eyes.


He was, and felt, totally naked in front of every housewife on the block.
The women, dumbstruck at first, first scoffed, then laughed, then mocked. You sure know how to discipline, Sue! That'll teach him.

Turn and face these ladies amd apologize. 

Wait till your uncle gets back from the late shift! Till then, stand in the corner, young man!