Monday, August 19, 2019

Fatherly Love

How humiliating! The formerly cocky, boisterous lad wished he could cover himself, or at least not display his squirming tanned ass in the air...

19 year old Ricky's stepdad was quite the disciplinarian, especially after a few glasses of bourbon... he hated that his study double door was always open to the living room!

Finally allowed to head to his room, walking past the whole house. Clothes had been removed from downstairs, of course...


  1. Goodness! Looks like there’s a boy here facing an angry Daddy. Must have been caught masturbating, perhaps with a muscle magazine. And he’s been told to bring that paddle along with him. He has one plea to make: will Dad take his own pants off before the spanking starts?

  2. All the females saw him as he left the scene of his spanking at the hands of his angry Dad. There were his sister and two cousins lingering in the corridor where they had been listening to the slap of leather on his bare bottom. After all they had reported his vile behaviour. And what a glimpse of the boy’s longish prick they caught, head-on. Its funny tip was stretching out of that loose skin. And he blushed to see them staring right at it. They were there to see that bright red bum too, both of his nates all lit up. As he turned into the hallway there standing talking in whispers were his mum and aunt, and he wilted as the two of them focused on what he wanted them to see least. Oh hell, mature ladies looking at his dick! He turned up the stairs, knowing the glimpse they would get between his thighs as he mounted to his room.

    1. His worst nightmare… he won’t forget this (and neither will they)! His secrets exposed. Now they will try to find any excuse for his punishment to be repeated!


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