Sunday, August 18, 2019

Hands on his side, wanting to hide

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Cousin Ralphie had to sleep studio-style, his bed in the corner of the main room. The 19 year old punk had been sent away for the summer for his behavior to his hard-ass uncle's house. Good thing he was used to less privacy... this time, he had "really done it", and was in for quite the punishment, having been brought home by the police drunk as as skunk. His aunt was curious about something she had read in her monthly, "total clothing deprivation".

Who would see him? What would he do in this terrifying state?

That's right, young man. Everything off.

Underwear, too! Now you can stand like that until the sun goes down.


  1. In his uncle's house clothes are a privilege... and surely he won't have them back before his younger cousins come home. It is his first day here and his uncle has already wanted to make things clear! He will remain in this house for the next three weeks...

  2. His clothes were a privilege! Any misdeed, and he would be bare to the world… neighbors, cousins and all admires his humiliated state! He could only pretend to be somewhere else …


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