Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Naked Houseboy Delights

(Note reddened cheeks: maintaining discipline is essential)

Lucky men who can afford a college twink houseboy rarely regret the arrangement.

A tight muscled body, slight frame, angelic beauty and cherubic features, soft, smooth skin, and two luscious cheeks; all parading around, kept strictly bare-ass naked, for viewing pleasure... A man can't resist.
Feeling shy at a day at the lake with "daddy's" friends. You can't complain, you asked for something to wear!


The houseboy must remember that his role is to serve, not that he has much problem with that.

A houseboy pinned down by the furry, scruffy man of the house. A smack on his (irresistible) ass cements his dominance.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Another vintage baring

Was this really happening? He wanted to melt into the chair, or hide under it. He felt a dozen eyes of neighbor ladies...

The hostess had brought the ladies into the living room to show off the new drapes, but not without letting them know about a certain hoodlum's unconventional punishment. Vandalism wouldn't go unpunished! They chitchatted, but their eyes and conversation often turned to certain attention-grabbing room ornaments...

Oh my! You've got him bare as a board. He won't be acting out again soon!

How long does he have to stay... like that?

He's an awfully developed young man for 18! Quite a specimen.

You really can see everything, down to his toes! He must be awfully embarrassed...

NAKED as the day he was born! You sure know how to entertain. You'll have to loan him out to help me paint my fence! I can supply a better uniform...

Monday, December 19, 2016

Blue-Collar Baring

Different positions for baring can force a lad to show off different parts of his body that standing might let him keep hidden. Positioning him to show his armpits, crack and foot soles ensure he has no shred of modesty or privacy left.

19 year old Chuck hated summers at his crazy, strict uncle's house. He stared into the corner at his crumpled underwear, avoiding the reflection of his bratty cousins' sneering faces...

"Arms on the table!"

"Not such a hot shot now, huh?" The man chuckled cruelly.

"I'll teach you to curse at me, boy!"

He had never been naked in front of women before. The sheer shock and humiliation throbbed in his temples and made a knot in his throat. He heard the whispers; the girls laughing and gawking at his bare, naked form. Look at his thing! It looks like, a turkey or something! You can see his hole. He felt a warm tear run down his reddened cheek–and a cool draft on his (soon-to-be-reddened) other cheek.

A vintage baring

This could't be happening...

His cheeks stung, but not as much as the sound of laughter in his ears. Rodney tried to act as unbothered as he could in this situation. How humiliating... his cousins made no effort to spare him any embarrassment.

"Look at his sack! It's as red as his face."

"You can see his hole!"

Who knows how long he'll have to stay like this, or who will see him... Shudder...

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Showing skin

When the neighbor reported on the 19 year old ruffian stealing liquor from her garage, she hadn't expected to be treated to watching his punishment. She looked on delightedly.

Smack, smack, *sniffle*...

If he feels embarrassed now, wait until he has to go fully bare for corner time...

Spanking may punish his bottom, but baring hurts his pride!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Naked 1960: bare before ladies

His heartbeat throbbed in his head. He twirled his bare foot on the carpet, covering himself, by reflex, as best he could.

The men's bellowing yell in his ear was drowned out as the lad was dizzied by the pure shock of it all. He felt a cool draft on his bottom–and deep, pure shame, like he would never feel dignity ever again.

He looked down to avoid facing the man, but couldn't escape his thoughts. Fuck, they can see me. Everything. Cousin Cindy can see my fucking penis. Tommy had been made to go in his underwear every so often, but never like this.

Cry and you can stay like that till Monday!

He felt his cousin's wicked smile all the way from the corner of his eye.

He was "learning shame," as it was called–18 or not, his hard-ass old school father was, ahem, less than happy to find him smoking a marijuana cigarette in the shower.

It took all of 20 seconds to rip the dripping wet, fully bare teen and strong-arm him into the living room, to the shock (which soon turned to a barely concealed delight) of the its occupants

Keep your ass in that corner till I tell you to move! You can show off till sundown.


It was his aunt's bunko night.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bare and frequently spanked houseboys

Being kept naked encourages submissiveness and obedience, and many "daddies" enjoy the shy embarrassment of a naked houseboy in front of others.

"With the door open?! At least let me keep my shorts on..." The feeling of the man's rough hand on the 19 year old boy's soft, plushy, hairless ass was electric. He found himself letting his hand rest on his cheeks for a half-second before each blow...

Being constantly "on display", getting his ass spanked, and being at daddy's beck and call teaches a houseboy to yearn to please.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Camping CFNM

Originally from someone named Goreripper. I augmented them some >:)

The alternative reform camp had some interesting ideas about punishing pridefulness. He pretended not to hear the comments... "Look how shriveled it's gotten! He must be cold..." "I can't believe he has to go NAKED!"

Gordon hated camping. "Laundry day" was always an excuse for his sadistic stepmother to suspiciously take all day to finish washing his clothes, which were taken when he had to bathe in the lake... the women commented on his body, and he couldn't "be rude" if he wanted to avoid a spanking. When the topic turned to his, ahem, development, his embarrassment overtook him

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Look at him

"Don't mind Darren; he'll go undressed until he learns not to look at pornography.."