Saturday, July 6, 2019

Bent over bare (CFNM/CMNM Spanking)

What's going on here?

Some low quality photoshop... but it's the thought that counts!


  1. Cool blog, glad I found it.

    This has to be my all-time fave CFNM pic:

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  3. “That’s his Dad’s old army belt,” says Iris, the 18 year old’s Mom.
    “Goodness,I bet he won’t like that on his bottom!” says their next door neighbor Sally Kristol. “Hey girls...”
    She addresses her two daughters looking goggle-eyed at the sight of Tommy’s groin. Already 19 year old Frances is thinking that Tommy’s prick is thicker than their brothers’- they have three grown-up boys in their household- and has a very thick foreskin bunched up under its head. Her sister, Jill, notes Tommy’s rather large scrotum.
    “...see what happens to naughty boys in this household! Out of all their clothes! For a good old fashioned strappadoodle! Just like with the boys at home!”
    The two girls keep staring. It’s one thing to see their tall, skinny, pimple-faced brothers get stripped. It’s another to see this cute neighbour forced to show off his prick and balls.
    And Tommy won’t meet their stares.
    How red will his bottom cheeks get?
    And will his cock stand out and up like their brothers’ always do, when forced out of their pants?
    There is a lot to look forward to.

    1. Poor Tommy. He's never been seen naked by a female before. He stares down to avoid their glances, but unfortunately that view offers a constant reminder of his nudity. He hopes they don't notice he has teared up! He shuffles around as his father blared his lecture, digging his toe into the carpet, trying to escape; folding his arms without realizing it, hoping to cover himself.

      And this was only the start. After his strapping, he will have to stand in the corner before he gets started polishing silverware in the dining room... not a stitch till he finishes!


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