Sunday, June 30, 2019

Punished Bare

The ladies were quite surprised to stumble upon the "bare chair" punishment during their tour of the house...
 Forced nudity, a strong message to arrogant young men.


  1. “I always used total clothing deprivation- to use the fancy feminist terminology- on my two sons. I’d seen my mother and grandmother use it on on our Ohio farm. It was such fun to see brothers and cousins suffer a full nude punishment. And having girls watch goggle-eyed was certainly very unnerving for them. When I married and moved to the city I really missed it. It happens to be the best punishment technique for bad boys because of the awful weight of their humiliation. What I didn’t realise was how much my neighbour Kathleen would love being a witness and, for that matter, her 19 year old daughter, Sue. So when I had one of my boys nude and up on the sofa, front pressed into the back but bottom on display- their boyish bottoms were very well shaped- the females from next door would be on call. They never wasted a moment in coming in- even though my young fellas hated it and positively begged me not to admit Susie, a girl their age. Once when my 18 year old was kneeling while I reddened his posterior with a belt Susie hinted that it might be good if I had the boy part his legs. Part his legs? I soon saw what she meant. “Oh, that view’s lovely,” Kathleen cooed. Sue just giggled as my poor son shivered with embarrassment knowing precisely what he had revealed. Now I wouldn’t do it any other way, seeing his fuzzy ball bag- which dangled low, just like his Dad’s- wobble and shiver as the slaps came down and his bottom reddened. The neighbours across the road joined in staring through the big living room windows although their fun didn’t climax till the spanking ended and I escorted my boy to the corner to stand either looking in or looking out depending on how my mood took me. Neighbourhood girls who saw my sons all the time in the street or at school just couldn’t believe their Mom would strip them naked as cherubs and make them kneel on the sofa. “Punished in your birthday suits,” the girls would taunt. “By your Mommy!” That always made them shrivel and blush. I was certain that the lesson and example would not be lost when they became mothers themselves. Susie especially appeared to be keen and I’m even considering her taking the strap one of these days. My sons would perish at the very thought.

    1. “It is tough and old-fashioned, but his behavior has improved dramatically. We can’t ground him, and spanking on the pant just seems ridiculous. He doesn’t curse or show up late now that he knows he’ll be showing off bare if he does! Thank goodness for ‘TCD’ or baring as I call it!”

      He sat there powerlessly, momentarily glancing back almost involuntarily to see who was beholding his shame—betraying how nervous he was. The worst was yet to come as his stepfather would bend him forward, bare bottom in the air with the gawking onlookers in the other room, and wallop his cheeks with the belt, adding more if he struggled or cried out.


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