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  1. A big family reunion is the most embarrassing context in which being punished. All the other people in the room try to hide how shocked they are about the severity of this treatment, but naturally it is very difficult for everyone not to take a look at his private parts, especially for the younger girls. For some of them it is the first time they are so close to a completely naked young man! And, in the buzz of conversations, he suddenly hears some of the older women congratulating his mother: they all definitely agree that he has grown up so fast in so little time!

    1. Yes, the shy young man does his best to act stoic, but can’t help but bow his head ins hame when he overhears the conversation topic switch to his naked body!

    2. This type of family events usually involves a great variety of people of different ages. He is more uncomfortable with the young girls of his age, he knows the way they constantly look at his private parts trying not to get noticed and then they whisper and giggle with each other. Older women instead have a different approach: they feel entitled to look at his body without looking away and to comment openly on him. For these women, his body has grown up enough to be noticed, but it is not mature enough to be interesting, so at the moment it is just ridiculous.

    3. He certainly won't forget this anytime soon! He is the only cousin with a stepmom strict enough to bare him. How long will his baring last? One wonders what's going through his head. He must feel incredibly powerless (and naked...)

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  3. “Aw, gee Mom, can’t I put my clothes back on?”
    His Mom is stern. She hasn’t smacked the errant boy. Just made him strip completely naked and join them in the living room.
    Here he stands.
    “Rodney, you bully the girls and you will pay the price. You are going to stay stripped off...”
    The four girls shudder at this. It is just thrilling to see him completely, one hundred percent stripped off. They can see everything.
    “...for the rest of the afternoon. And shortly I want you to go to the kitchen and make us tea and get some lemonade for the girls and serve it like a young gentleman.”
    “Aw, but can’t I get dressed first...”
    Aunt Gloria cuts off his protest. “I say, he’s developing well, Moira. He’s so much bigger than when we last saw him.”
    And Rodney notices, she’s looking right into his midriff where his cock hangs as if ashamed.
    Taking up the theme, and looking hypnotised at the same space, Aunt Fiona says, “You know Rodney I haven’t seen you in your birthday suit since you were a cheeky little fella showing off as you crawled round the floor...”
    The boy hates the term, “birthday suit.”
    “Oh I remember giving him baths,” says his other aunt helpfully. “Up to the age of...goodness, may have been remember, Christine...”
    She addresses Rodney’s older cousin, the ugly one who, at 24, may perhaps never have seen a naked adult male- and who right now is sure lapping up the view of Rodney’s organ.
    “ used to help me soap little Rodney and didn’t he love all that attention?”
    Christine seems blissful to recall it, gazing now at what the 18 year old boy has got to show.
    “And does he workout to build his lovely physique?” asks Aunt Gloria, eyes taking in all of Rodney’s athletic form- his nipples, his defined chest, the hint of hair running down his abs to his blossoming pubic bush.
    “He works out behind the closed door in his room,” says his mother darkly. “If the stains on his pyjamas are anything to go by...”
    There are knowing giggles from the young ladies.
    “...I’m putting them in the wash every morning.”
    The nude boy looks close to tears.
    “Just like Tommy,” says Aunt Fiona referring to Rodney’s cousin- a shy awkward boy who the girls find it easy to tease and mock. “At that age, they just can’t leave it alone.”
    And Rodney knows, without meeting their eyes, that they are all looking at him down there. And the old fear asserts itself: how does he stop his prick getting stiff and standing up? What that sex education pamphlet his mother gave him referred to as an “involuntary erection.”
    Oh, hell, it’s starting...

    1. Pleading wouldn'thelp. “Disgusting! Go and stand in the corner. Your uncle will be down with the belt... “ Afterward, he would sit bare in the living room, made to polish the silverware, not getting his clothes back until he finished!

  4. “Aw Mom, I cant help it. It just happens sometimes...”
    The girls giggled. Christine blushed while she stared at it somewhat hungrily.
    “Rodney, really!”
    His mother was scornful. “Can’t you control yourself.”
    “ it works,” said Aunt Gloria, her voice ringing with wonder, even awe.
    Rodney’s appendage had stretched decisively, pointing down. Now it was lifting, jerkily.
    He looked hopeless.
    “And do you think that’s normal, Moira...the way the head-thingy...sort of pokes out?”
    Aunt Fiona was wrapped in her scientific curiosity.
    The females were staring hard. His mother was lost for words. The glans had indeed poked right out of the cloak of his foreskin, as if to say, “Here I am. What’s going on?”
    It was large, well formed.
    “Gosh, can’t I get dressed now?”
    He was close to tears. His cousin’s and sisters’ stares might have pushed him over the line, if he could bring himself to look.
    In one more jerk it stood, poking right in their direction, at a proud 45 degree angle.
    He was nude. In front of dressed females. Including his mother. With a raging, rock hard erection.


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