Sunday, February 17, 2019

18 Year Old Guys Punished Naked: School Humiliation

Even at his ultraconservative boarding school, 'baring'--taking every last thing off a lad to expose him for punishment--was rare. Only a few boys a year would experience it to preserve its humiliating sting, but he was one of them!

Bent forward, young man! Never mind who walks by in the hall.

(previously) cocky 18-year-old made to stand bare for hours in the study... no matter who's nearby!


  1. These boys have to join the Friday morning assembly punishment line up, when they will be marched naked into the school hall to be beaten in front of the whole school and invited parents.

    1. Yes, in front of the class and staff. But usually there’s only one naked in front of the clothed crowd!


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