Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Lost his clothes (18+)

(Not sure who made this, but it's nice)
Go and get the timer from the kitchen... your cousin should can show his bare ass once dad turns it red! I'll teach you to steal...


  1. My stepmother stripped me in front of her three daughters to punish me. When her eldest daughter turned 18 then was her job to punish me and she took lots of pleasure especially on Saturday night for maintenance. One night she found out that I was masturbating and she told her mom which she beat me with a ruler both my hands swelled up like two balloons then she tighten me to the bed and when I was bathing she ordered to use only cold water

  2. The worst part is to be stripped in front of his sister. Precious

    1. The worst punishment... used frequently on the delinquent young man!


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