Thursday, October 15, 2020

Total clothing deprivation

In front of who?

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  1. It was bad enough when he was ordered to Dad's office and Dad would start his punishment by making him strip naked right there. He had to stay like that while Dad questioned him about his behavior. Why is it so much harder to lie when you're naked?!?!

    The next part was worse. Dad would take the strap off the wall as he bent over the desk. Legs well apart, bottom up. Nothing was hidden. The whipping never stopped until every inch of his bottom was scarlet and tears were falling from his eyes.

    But the last part was the worst. Time to "reflect" on his punishment -- in the living room. With fresh welts on his bottom and fresh tears still running down his face, he walked out into the main part of the house. It didn't matter if his sisters -- or ever their friends -- were there. He had to keep his hands on his head or behind his back. No covering allowed. After an hour or so, Dad would order him to apologize to each person present, then Dad would give him his hug and send him back to the office to get dressed.

    But one time, Dad caught him rubbing his bottom. He tried to forget that day, but it had been seared into his bottom and his memory. Before starting his "reflection" time over, Dad repeated his whipping right there in the living room, in front of everyone!


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