Sunday, November 8, 2020

How long will hisbare punishment last.?




    Who did she think she was!? Dylan couldn't believe his new stepmom was really doing this to him.

    She and Dad had only been married for a few weeks, and she was already bossing him around in front of his younger brothers like some little kid. Like today, for instance. Dylan told her to make him a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch after his remote Algebra class, and she told him to make it himself! The gall!

    Dylan exploded. He told her she was a total bitch! As soon as he said it -- well, let's be honest, he didn't say it, he shouted it -- a part of him knew he'd gone too far. But he wouldn't back down. Not in front of his younger brothers.

    This wasn't the first time they'd locked horns. Last time, she'd sent him to his room to wait for Dad to come home and punish him. That's what Mom used to do, too, before she died. Whenever one of the boys were sent to their room, they had to take off their clothes and wait like that for Dad to come home. It totally sucked. Sitting there totally bare-ass naked waiting for Dad to come home and roast said ass. When Dad opened the bedroom door, Dylan knew what he was in for by what Dad was holding in his hand. Ever since Dylan turned fourteen, it was almost always the old saddle strap -- the same one Grandpa used on Dad when he was a teenager. It was embarrassing when Dad lectured him while he was standing there totally naked. Dylan was very private about his body, even with his brothers. Dad almost always looked Dylan over and commented on how he was growing, too. Dylan could feel his face flush at those comments, but when Dad commented on his developing muscles, or how his privates were growing into a man's size, it made Dylan feel proud at the same time. At least until he had to get in position.

    The strap hurt like hell! Dad never stopped the whipping until Dylan's butt was covered in welts and his face was covered in snot and tears. Last time, the end of the strap even snapped into his crack a couple times! Still, Dylan felt a certain amount of closeness to his father in those moments, and pride that he could take the same whipping his Dad used to take. It was a father-son thing. A family tradition. Grandpa said Dad used to cry, too.

    But this was something new. And it was just . . . wrong! WHY WAS DAD GOING ALONG WITH THIS?!?! This time he had to wait for Dad to come home in the living room. Naked. In front of everyone.

    It was her idea, of course. The bitch! When she'd ordered him to do it, he'd told her to "Fuck off!" That's when she picked up her phone. Dylan didn't care. Dad would never go along with it.

    But then he did. Dad did go along with it. WHY WAS DAD GOING ALONG WITH THIS!?!? Dad even yelled at Dylan over the phone and said that he deserved it! Dylan would have to strip for his whipping on the spot and wait in the living room for Dad to come home and deal with him right there before dinner! Whether he liked it or not! No matter who saw him! Dad didn't care if it was only lunch time!

    So . . . FINE! Dylan angrily took off his t-shirt and sweats. Then he stared at his stepmom, fire in his eyes, as he pulled down his boxer briefs and kicked them across the room. Middle brother Logan watched in shock. Youngest brother Noah asked Logan if his penis would get that big and hairy, too?

    Dylan was too mad to let the fact they were all staring at his dick and balls sink in. He walked out into the living room, turned his back to the curtains and crossed his arms. Let them look, dammit!

    And then he remembered this afternoon was when his stepmom was hosting her Yoga group. In the living room.

    Shit! She's such a bitch!


  2. [Little sister Katie just had to text her friend Emma about this.]

    K: He said it again

    E: The c-word?

    K: Y

    E: Did your Mom hear it?

    K: Y

    E: OMG!

    K: :-)

    E: Is he being punished like she said?

    K: Y

    E: OMG!! Is he naked right now?

    K: Y

    E: And you can see him?!?

    K: Y

    E: C'mon, girl! Details!

    K: OK. He blew up at me and called me the c-word. (I might have been teasing him just a little for being "spanked" by
    Dad yesterday and grounded all month after calling Mrs. S. that yesterday at school. But he still shouldn't say it!)

    E: He's such an idiot!

    K: Totally. Mom heard him. She was super pissed. Called him a misogynist. I wasn't sure if she'd follow through on her threat from yesterday, but she totally did. Made him strip down right then and there.

    E: Right in front of you?!

    K: Y. Tried to look like he didn't care, but he was super embarrassed. Face turned bright red when I commented on the marks on his butt and his little pecker.

    E: OMG! Is it really little?

    K: You should always tell your BF he's super big and your brother he's super small.

    E: But Brian's so hot. Is he really that small?

    K: OMG, do not call my brother hot!

    E: You know he is! I love watching him practicing football with his shirt off.

    K: Whatever.

    E: Is he really that small? Is that bulge in his shorts just a fake?

    K: Come and see for yourself.

    E: What?

    K: Come and see for yourself.

    E: Can I? I mean . . . would your mom let me?

    K: Totally.

    E: How long will he be like that?

    K: Mom said until I accept his apology or until Dad gets home and whips him again.

    E: WHIPS him?!?!?

    K: With a belt

    E: OMG! That must really hurt!

    K: Well there's no way I'm accepting an apology from the fucker, so I guess we'll get to watch and see!

    E: OMG! He'll do it in front of you?!?!

    K: Never before. Always in private. But I think Dad will this time. I think Mom will make him. I've never seen her so mad!

    E: OMGGGGGGGG! But what if he apologizes!?

    K: He won't. I pissed him off too much. And I won't accept his apology anyway.

    E: You're so evil! :-)

    K: :-) Mom just told him to stop trying to cover up. "If you cover up your private parts again I'll warm you up with the wooden spoon before your father gets home!"

    E: Pic!

    K: I can't. I'd get in trouble.

    E: But didn't he just turn 18? It's not breaking any laws.

    [Katie sent the picture.]


    K: :-) I know. He's pissed, naked, and embarrassed. You should see the welts on his ass!

    E: You lied. He's not small!

    K: Whatever. If you come over, you have to make fun of him. You can't act like you like him or you feel sorry for him.

    E: OK

    K: Tell your Mom you're invited for the day and to stay for dinner. That's when Dad gets home.

    E: OK. Be there soon.

    K: And tell Hannah to come, too. I'm gonna text Maddy.

    E: OK


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