Monday, August 10, 2020

Long day ahead



  1. Been there, been done that way, when family freinds, girlfriend's mom and sisters, and mom's cousin I spent a couple weeks during the summer, learned that I didn't have a problem with them forcing nudity on me so they continue too objectify my body sexually without bothering too ask for my consent. It was a simpler time, when swimming naked with the opposite gender wearing swimsuits was the policy at school and YMCA, and taking my clothes off too mow the lawn was common sense. Granted,having an old neighbor lady spend an hour scrubbing our penises raw, because she didn't realize that brown ring around our shaft was a circumcision scar, instead of dog poop or something, getting a lot of giggling and laughter from my girlfriend and other females were present, was embarressing, not because our junk was on display for all too see,since it always was back then, but because she kept insisting that we pooped on our peckers somehow. It was actually less embarressing submitting too invasive lifting and stretching of dicks and balls by girls we went too school with, as they parted our cheeks and shoved their fingers deeper into our butthole than absolutely necessary too check our hygiene, than too let a rumor get started about dirty boys with dirty, shitty looking dicks and ball's. It was understood that it wasn't sexual, even though it was. Girls liked it, boys liked it. Girls actually resented not being allowed the freedom of nudity and being molested on a daily basis like us boys were. They had too be proper and dignified. We didn't. Naked girls were often seen as tramps, or hussies. Naked boys were just being boys.

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson had reached their limit. Teenage boys can be quite a handful, and their sons Jake and John were no exception. They weren't bad boys at heart, not really, but they'd taken mischief, hi-jinks, partying, and pranks to a whole new level. People were getting hurt -- figuratively and literally. They were endangering their own futures, too. It had to stop.

    The parents had tried taking away privileges like driving the car, using their phones, or playing video games. They'd tried grounding them. Mr. Wilkinson had even taken a sturdy paddle to the seat of their pants, just like teachers and principals still do in certain Southern states. That last one worked . . . until the soreness in the boys' butts wore off. Nothing seemed to have a lasting effect.

    So today, they were trying something new, something drastic. A daylong, intense punishment. Jake and John were awakened with the sunrise this Saturday morning. They were too groggy and shocked to resist as their father ordered them to strip off their boxer shorts (which is all the cocky brothers wore to bed) and get their sorry butts down to the living room. How embarrassing!

    It was just the beginning. As soon as they were downstairs, Mr. Wilkinson ordered them to put their hands on their heads. That's when the sleepiness cleared and they realized it was finally time to pay the piper.

    Mom and sis couldn't help smirking as they walked by the boys on their way to breakfast. The show was just getting started.

    After breakfast, Mr. Wilkinson led the boys out to the garage for their first thrashing of the day . . . with the garage door open. The freshly humbled red-bottomed troublemakers spent the rest of the morning doing chores around the yard -- raking the fallen leaves, mowing the lawn, weeding in the garden, repairing the fence. Their father kept a sharp eye and any slacking brought a fresh crack of the strap across their red hot bare bottoms.

    Emma Cooper was the first to spot what was going on at the Wilkinsons' house across the street. Word spread like wildfire. By lunchtime, there was a parade of cars slowly driving by to check it out. The Wilkinson boys were finally getting their just desserts!

    Jake and John were completely humiliated. And the punishment day wasn't even half over yet!

    Mr. Wilkinson was looking forward to teaching his sons how to cut a switch -- and put it to good use!

    The girls from the cheer-leading squad, who had been victims of more than one Wilkinson brother panty raid, were putting together even bigger plans for the afternoon. . .


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