Monday, August 10, 2020

Long day ahead



  1. Been there, been done that way, when family freinds, girlfriend's mom and sisters, and mom's cousin I spent a couple weeks during the summer, learned that I didn't have a problem with them forcing nudity on me so they continue too objectify my body sexually without bothering too ask for my consent. It was a simpler time, when swimming naked with the opposite gender wearing swimsuits was the policy at school and YMCA, and taking my clothes off too mow the lawn was common sense. Granted,having an old neighbor lady spend an hour scrubbing our penises raw, because she didn't realize that brown ring around our shaft was a circumcision scar, instead of dog poop or something, getting a lot of giggling and laughter from my girlfriend and other females were present, was embarressing, not because our junk was on display for all too see,since it always was back then, but because she kept insisting that we pooped on our peckers somehow. It was actually less embarressing submitting too invasive lifting and stretching of dicks and balls by girls we went too school with, as they parted our cheeks and shoved their fingers deeper into our butthole than absolutely necessary too check our hygiene, than too let a rumor get started about dirty boys with dirty, shitty looking dicks and ball's. It was understood that it wasn't sexual, even though it was. Girls liked it, boys liked it. Girls actually resented not being allowed the freedom of nudity and being molested on a daily basis like us boys were. They had too be proper and dignified. We didn't. Naked girls were often seen as tramps, or hussies. Naked boys were just being boys.


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