Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pick up your belt and meet me by the chair in the living room

I don’t care if everyone sees you get your ass beat!


  1. Papi's hand on his bare chest somehow made Alejandro feel even more naked. How he dreaded walking out to the living room with nothing but the belt that would soon sear his bare bottom! Alejandro knew he deserved to be punished, but that didn't make it any less embarrassing. He knew Papi wouldn't let him cover up anything.

    He'd taken such personal pride as his muscles developed and his private parts grew and got hairy. They wouldn't be private much longer. He could hear his sister Maria and her friends giggling out there. No matter how hard Papi swung that belt -- and Alejandro knew it would be hard enough to leave welts -- it wouldn't compare to the blows to his ego.

    He knew the show that was about to start, even if Maria's friends didn't fully know (yet).

    His naked admission of guilt before everyone present. His well-presented bottom, with other parts dangling down between his spread legs. The jerking and bouncing with each harsh stroke of the belt. The pleas for mercy. The tears. The rubbing of his bottom. More bouncing in front as he rubbed in back. The girls would see it all. And then everyone at school would hear about it, too.

    1. How they would study and gawk at every inch of his frame in the comfort of their full state of dress! Before too long they will be telling stories to get Alejandro back over the chair. He can barely hold back tears at the shame of it all—and havIng to stand in the corner with his welted ass on display for an hour will destroy what was left oF his pride!


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