Friday, November 23, 2018

Uncovered by a Lie (Lost his Clothing Privileges / Cruel CFNM Art)

Bad enough of you to spy on our poor neighbor changing, but even worse to lie about it! For that, you can remove your underwear, too, young man!

The poor shy 19 year old wouldn't forget this anytime soon... and neither would the neighborhood! To  make matters worse, he had never spied...

As always, creative comment welcome :)


  1. There had always been rumours about how strict his mother was with him, but he had always denied it until now. Not only were the assembled group of females about to scutinise every inch of his quivering body, but their accounts would be circulated around the town by tomorrow. Of course he knew his truthful denial would not be believed, but that forlorn hope that honesty was the best policy was going to cost him dear.

    1. Quivering, indeed! He never imagined he would be bare before them like this...

  2. It is evident from the image that the young girl tries to keep her eyes straight ahead, pretending not to be interested in the scene next to her. Her mother, sitting next to her, looks at her indulgently, as if to say: Don't worry, you can look! This is what happens to disobedient boys"! And in fact, only a few moments will pass before she too begins to take a quick look. Right now, it seems almost impossible to her that a penis so thin and delicate can really do all those things that her older friends tell her they do with their boyfriends... from that day on, the image of his dangling penis will come to her mind every time she sees him at school.

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  4. And he was never allowed to wear clothes again. :)


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