Sunday, November 18, 2018

CFNM Art (Baring)

He wished he had believed his uncle last time... "Next time, and it's bare as a board!"


  1. Great position for a boy to wait in, ready to greet everyone coming in and made to explain what his punishment is for

  2. Yes, being made to sprawl over the table really deprives him of every last ounce of dignity and modesty! He’ll show off (against his will) his bare foot soles, crack, rump, torso, dangling nuts and dick, and (perhaps most shamefully) his tight puckered hole to passerby for the next three hours—only speaking when spoken to. Visitors are thrilled to gawk at the formerly cocky young man reduced to this degree of humiliation, and don’t spare him the indignity of jokes and comments. His cruel uncle even set a timer; the “tick-tick-tick” throbs in his head! He never thought he could long for a pair of undies so much...


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