Sunday, February 12, 2017

Boys Don't Need Suits: You'll go Naked (CFNM Swimming)

Jamie stood by the pool, trying to act nonchalant. It didn't help that he was stark naked, in front of dozens of people, including almost every housewife in his neighborhood.

When I was his age, boys never wore suits. 

He's always been too shy. This should help him come out of his shell.

He thought forgetting his suit would be his ticket out of an afternoon at the swim center. His uptight, sadistic stepdad had other ideas, and almost dragged him out of the locker room, bare from head to toe.

You can't help but notice... his thing is so... small!

Overhearing the laughter, Jamie covered up as best he could—no use. How humiliating: 19 and fully naked in front of every woman at the pool! His shame was on full display.

Oh quick, wave! Here come Alice Johnston and her daughter, Mary—she was in Jamie's graduating class!