Saturday, February 18, 2017

BARED! Made to take off every last stitch ... In Front of Everyone

When 18 year old Tony tried to untie his neighbor's bikini at the barbecue, his punishment was swift and harsh.

The women gathered in to watch as he was led inside by his ear and made to remove all cover. Their eyes were glued to him as he begged to keep his swim suit on—if he had to get spanked, please not bare!

His pleas did not work. He sniffled back tears from the raw embarrassment—he felt them all staring as the belt thwacked his bare hide.

He wasn't sure which was more painful—the sting of his bottom, which his stepfather had whipped a raw scarlet, or the the gleeful gazes of the cul-de-sac's housewives...

HANDS ON THE CHAIR! You even try to move or cover up and that ass will be purple, not red!

Serves him right!

Naked as a jaybird!

He must be awfully embarrassed.

Look how red!

Any ideas for what other remarks the ladies might torment Tony with? Comment below!