Monday, December 19, 2016

Blue-Collar Baring

Different positions for baring can force a lad to show off different parts of his body that standing might let him keep hidden. Positioning him to show his armpits, crack and foot soles ensure he has no shred of modesty or privacy left.

19 year old Chuck hated summers at his crazy, strict uncle's house. He stared into the corner at his crumpled underwear, avoiding the reflection of his bratty cousins' sneering faces...

"Arms on the table!"

"Not such a hot shot now, huh?" The man chuckled cruelly.

"I'll teach you to curse at me, boy!"

He had never been naked in front of women before. The sheer shock and humiliation throbbed in his temples and made a knot in his throat. He heard the whispers; the girls laughing and gawking at his bare, naked form. Look at his thing! It looks like, a turkey or something! You can see his hole. He felt a warm tear run down his reddened cheek–and a cool draft on his (soon-to-be-reddened) other cheek.