Saturday, January 25, 2020

Schooltime Discipline

What's happening here?


  1. Timothy had been in the back of the class showing mates his caricatures of female teachers, with their clothes off, and big tits sticking out and huge hairy pussies, identified with their names underneath. And Wendy Smithers, one of the prefects, sneaked up and whipped one off the desk and showed their classroom teacher who swooped on them and confiscated all his drawings and marched him off and here he was in front of Miss Smedley, the principal, in the study with the four teachers he had drawn and Wendy and another prefect. Miss Smedley was very committed to the rights of women and girls and ending the privileged treatment of the male sex. “So you like the idea of shaming and demeaning females in front of your smirking, sneering mates...well, we might transfer some of the shame in your direction, young man...” and right there in front of them she ordered him to strip, completely. Timothy had protested, tears in his eyes. And she had said the alternative was to invite his mother to the school and show her his handiwork. So he had slowly started unbuttoning his shirt, and his fingers were shaking and when he peeled it off and put it over the chair he knew they could see his little nipples...and the fuse of hair running from his navel. He froze with embarrassment and Miss Smedley closed in and unbuckled the belt for him- he felt like a boy being dressed by his mother- and told him to “lower” his pants and “hand them over” which he did. He could see the two girl prefects smiling broadly. So he froze again and she moved in again and whisked his white BVDs to his ankles- he jolted with horror- and left them there. He felt shamed and goofy. Now the teachers were smiling. And Wendy said, “Goodness, Miss Smedley, you’ve got him in his birthday suit!” And they all laughed, it was such a funny, old fashioned expression. He felt forced to snuffle our a giggle himself to win their sympathy but it turned into a blubber. He knew his penis was bigger than the other boys’ and out of proportion with his slight build and also his foreskin corkscrewed into a nozzle and looked funny. Also one ball hung very low. “You might find that some of the teachers you mocked think you are now presenting a funny sight yourself,” said Miss Smedley.” A couple of the staring females sniggered, looking right at his groin. He covered up so she told him to move his hands from over his “privates” because it was a courtesy he hadn’t allowed his teachers in the “crude, sexist drawings” he had drawn for his mates. Then she said, “I think right now you have six females thinking it would be the easiest thing in the world to produce a caricature of you ‘in the nuddy’ and make it look very comical indeed,” and he had blushed deeply. She might mean his funny foreskin...his low hanger...or the size of his organ itself. She said she would keep him like that for the rest of the afternoon right here in the female teachers’ room where there would be others coming and going and girls coming to consult them about their work. “And you might consider that any change in your topography...” and here she gave his penis a killer glimpse...”will make you an ever bigger subject of derision and scorn.” All the females smirked and sniggered knowingly. They were all looking at the one thing.


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