Sunday, November 17, 2019

Undress, young man

Whats happening Here?

“Every last stitch, boy!”

How he hated “the bare chair”…


  1. Oh hell, if his Mum told him to strip he had no alternative. Last time she kept him like that all afternoon and night, right up till bedtime. Stark naked, in the that when his sister came home with her girlfriend their beady little eyes popped to see his bum and they snooped and prowled to get a glimpse of his front if possible. Oh, how he had pressed himself and his erection into the wallpaper. At least Mum told them to scatter but said it with a smile and a hint of laughter so the girls got the message that she was on their side and the naughty little brother deserved it and if they hung around the house they might get to see everything in good time. As they did when she called him to the table for dinner and he crouched his way in, hands clasped over his groin, blushing like a fire hydrant especially as he caught their ruthless grins- his mother’s included, and his grandmother’s. “You can take the plates out,” came mother’s instruction after the meal and it did no good to cry and plead and complain. It was at this moment that he just submitted and accepted that she owned all of him and the females of the family were in charge and they would get to see everything, at their leisure. To stand naked at their sides, reaching out for plates and cutlery while his six inches poked out and up, had been the ultimate humiliation and, hands full, there was no way he could cover up. He would have to put up with his sister accusing him of “trimming” his pubic hair and asking mum why his “thing” got stiff “every now and then” and mum had stumbled through a sex education account of changes in boy’s bodies and how they “suffered erections when they got excited” and then his sister’s friend saying he must go “skinny dipping” with the other Boy Scouts on their camping trips because his bottom was suntanned- as it was and as he had to admit he did- to grandma’s disapproval. “I hope you and your friends don’t do anything shameful,” came his mum’s stern warning which made him turn scarlet as he remembered penis measurements and “circle jerks” until she asked to see his nates to confirm that they had indeed been exposed to the sun’s rays. She told him he would be washing up, next to his sister. She would wear the apron.

    1. Afterward, he would be polishing a whole set of silver in the next room over--still bare, until he finished them all. To his dismay, more guests were coming...


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