Sunday, June 9, 2019

Humiliated at Home: Naked in front of everyone (CFNM/CMNM punishment)

How he hated this kind of punishment... It didn't occur very often, reserved for especially bad conduct, to retain its shock.

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He cursed his disciplinarian stepfather. He had never heard of "baring" before he moved in, but now that word caused such dread.

I'm glad you apologized, but you are still to remain undressed, young man. 

The gasps and whispers stung more than the belt. He was in shock--sent away for the summer, 20 year old Aaron thought his uncle would put up with his attitude. How wrong! The neighbor ladies over in the next room carried on, pretending not to glance over and enjoy the spectacle..

Having guests over didn't get you out of punishment. In fact, 18 year old Jeffrey's stepdad always seemed to find a reason when quite a few guests were around.


  1. And didn’t the ladies and girls relish the sight of that scrotal sac with the two outlined marbles dangling there before their eyes? The younger had never seen one of those things before. And what fun to see it swing backwards and forwards as those slaps came down, between his thighs. Wow! They thought, boys are funny!

    1. His trauma is their delight! The shy boy was tormented by their comments. “He must be so embarrassed... it looks like a turney!” And afterward, they will gawk at the hairy noodle hanging between his legs, as he is forced to stand nude in the corridor…

      I absolutely love your Literotica stories, by the way, especially Days of the Raj! Hoping for more murgha and forced, humiliating male nudity in front of many witnesses…

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    3. Please do! >:)


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