Sunday, May 19, 2019

Punished NAKED Bonanza... What's happening in these pics?

  1.  He won't get caught spying again...
  2.  Not so proud anymore...
  4.  Your punishment is just starting, young man!
What's happening in these pics, dear readers? Comment encouraged!


  1. My favorite picture is the number 4. His sister had never seen him completely naked frontally, not in recent years... She tries not to look at his private parts pretending to be indifferent, but he knows that it was the first thing she has already looked at.

    1. They are not “private” anymore! How defeated and humble the boy is displayed like this… and his sister is only the first of many to see him!

  2. “Mom,” the girl whispers. “What’s that thing between his legs hanging down?”
    “That’s his testicles,” answers the mother. “It’s like...a little sack with his...his...oh, they call them their balls...”
    The girl giggles. She’s heard the vulgarisms. Her mother continues the lesson while, hearing this, the naked boy bending over the sofa with his bottom displayed, shudders. His tummy feels like it’s got a thousand butterflies.
    “...the sack’s called their scrotum and the...the things inside...”
    “Like big marbles?”
    “That’s the testicles...two of’s where their...their...seminal fluid gets made...what makes babies when it’s...when it’s...”
    “Yes, Mom, we learnt about that in biology but...they look funny!”
    Now it’s the mothers turn to giggle.
    “Yes, they do look funny and Thomas doesn’t like the fact we can see them one little bit.”
    The boy bows his head. Damn his Dad for making him pose like this. Even insisting he keep his legs apart. His Dad knows that he has dangling balls- like father, like son- and that the female visitors will get to see them and relish the sight.
    “They must swing around when Tommy runs. Oh, that’s so funny.”
    “I think they’ll swing around when he gets the strap.”
    “Do you think we’ll get to watch.”
    “Dolores, I think that’s why we’re here.”
    Tommy’s insides melted.

    1. Thanks for the amazing commentary!

      In this house, “the clothes on your back” were a privilege, and if you were a rowdy young male, you could lose them. Thomas has been punished in his underwear before, but never... like this. Totally, utterly bare. His father even made him remove his watch. He had no privacy anymore —every time he saw these women, he would feel as he did in this moment.

      He scrunched his eyes shut in agonized humiliation when he heard the conversation turn to his “balls”. His naked body offered so much to scrutinize: the soles of his feet, hairy calfs and pasty thighs, the drooping balls and muscled arms. Between his exposed cheeks, even a bit of a puckered hole.

      But things were about to get worse. He heard a knock on the door, and his stepmother answering. Then, the voices. It was wine night, and he heard several neighborhood wives shuffled in. Upstairs, the slamming of a drawer, and he had a dreadful feeling it was the one that held the belts. He shut his eyes, and felt a warm tear of shame, rage, and fear roll down his cheek. A draft caressed his other cheeks.

      “I hope you won’t mind Thomas in the other room. Dan caught him sneaking in last night, and he wasn’t kidding about the next time giving him a ‘baring’!”

  3. As the females entered, all 9 of them, the naked boy kneeling in the corner was on full display. Without a stitch. In his birthday suit. Shuddering with shame.
    With her gift for the obvious old Mrs Greeley exclaimed, “Why they’ve got young Harry bare as a board!”
    The others moved in.
    “Goodness, his bottom is so...strong!” thought schoolgirl, Jilly Larcey. She’d never seen a naked boy but sat near Harry at school and had sometimes wondered...
    And another of the youngsters, Sue Catchpole, admired the even tan of the boy’s powerful nates...and remembered the rumours about fellas going nude swimming out by the lake and felt a flutter of lewd desire, imagining the scene. Harry and his friends diving and splashing without a stitch.
    Newly married Mrs Graceland, spirited and with all the emotions of a lusty young wife, thought what a deep cleft. What a muscled behind. And wondered if she moved sideways somewhat would she get to see the 19 year old’s, call it what her husband called his- his cock? His prick? Discretely, she peaked. And wasn’t disappointed. Goodness, it was pointing up, flat against his tummy: the boy was hiding what her husband called a hard on!
    Miss Slater, retired school mistress, caught a glimpse between the punished boy’s thighs. Well, well, she thought, what a heavy sack. And what big stones inside its folds...and how low it hung. She caught the eye of her bridge partner, Miss Goodbury, and saw her devouring the sight too. Rather, hungrily.
    For her part the virginal Miss Goodbury, Sunday school superintendent, thought how embarrassed Harry must be to know they were devouring his secrets. She rather liked the thought: arrogant young men put in their place, naked before females.
    Several of her companions were twisting their necks to get a glimpse of the boy’s front. Yes, he was “suffering” an erection. Veiny, longish and very, very hard. There was a bubble of moisture on its end too. Like a tear of shame.

    1. Love this! Please continue commenting.

      How humiliating to know his stepmother had this power over him, to fully remove every scrap of dignity. There could be no worse punishment! He could only close his eyes and try his best to tune out the witnesses to his spectacle, pretending he was in his room and covered. He (and certainly they) would never forget today, but he still had another hour in the corner…

  4. What delicious commentaries! His humiliation in front of those females has really got me going! Very exciting!


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