Sunday, March 3, 2019

Schoolboy Nightmares (18+ / Creative Comment Encouraged)

Undress, boy! Everything off.

The shy lad had hoped he could graduate without ever having to go through a "baring"... alas. 18 Year old Brett couldn't wait to get out of boarding school--he shuddered as the giggling female maids passed in the hall. It was parents' weekend, and the halls were busy with visiting mothers and daughters... but he wasn't getting dressed anytime soon

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  1. Of course he realised the school master had deliberately chosen this moment to pick the tiniest fault to justify his naked punishment, knowing he would suffer the maximum embarrassment. The thought of this made his penis swell to a healthy teenage erection which, once spotted by the sadistic teacher, would earn him a naked march down the corridor with the evidence of his crime bouncing in front of him, before another good thrashing solved the problem.

  2. Two hours would pass with him bare in the corridor. Maids, teachers, and visitors passed by, in no hurry. He had no choice but to look ahead, shuddering as he felt their eyes on his bits and the draft on his thighs.

    One group was particularly cruel—hown unlucky he was to get a baring on visitor day. He had to just stand there, hands on his head, facing the corridor, bare as he was born,

    “Does his whole family see him like that? Cousins and sisters?!”

    “Do you think he’s embarrassed standing there like that?”

    The schoolmaster, overhearing, smirked

  3. I attended high school during the early 1960s when corporal punishment was legal. The female students were not punished physically but the male students were required to either strip completely or strip only from the waist down for their punishment. Stripping at least from the waist down was mandatory as ordered by the school administration. The female students were given the option to put their heads down on their desk if they did not want to watch the male student being punished. There was a female student who asked me if I would go out with her. I wasn't at all attracted to her so I politely declined. The next day the teacher told me the previously described female student had accused me of touching her breast which was absolutely not true. I professed my innocence profusely but the teacher who was an older woman demanded that I drop my pants and underpants down to my ankles, bend over and grab the back of my legs. I refused and again declared my innocence. The teacher told me to sit down and walked out the door. About three minutes later, the head coach, the assistant wrestling coach, the swimming coach all of whom were male and the assistant to the principal who was an attractive female all came into the room. All of the coaches came over to my desk and without saying a word, pulled me out of the chair, and while two of them held me by the torso and arms, the wrestling coach attempted to unlace one of my shoes. I was screaming that I had not done anything wrong. They paid no attention to me. I was trying to break free and accidentally kicked the wrestling coach in the arm. Immediately, he dropped my foot and slapped my face really hard. The slap was quite painful and stung for about thirty minutes. Then he picked up my leg again and removed my shoe without unlacing it. The female assistant to the principal came over and asked if her help was needed. The head coach replied that she could unbutton my shirt which she did. Then the coaches let go of my arms but quickly pushed my upper body down and forward and the wrestling coach locked my neck and head between his legs. I was panicking and trying to pull loose when the two coaches lifted my arms up behind my back and removed my shirt. The wrestling coach released my head from between his legs and brought my upper body upright. I was very dizzy.
    The head coach then asked the wrestling coach to go to his office and bring back his paddle. Then he added "I want to use mine on him instead of this little one."
    The head coach then asked the assistant to the principal to remove my pants and underpants. She didn't give a response but started unbuttoning the waist of my pants. Looking at her as she unzipped my pants caused me to start having an erection and about two seconds after she removed my pants, my penis was hard and upright against my stomach. They had me facing the class and most of the students were staring right at my penis. I was told to bend over and grab my ankles. The coach swatted my bottom several times over a period of about two minutes. I was sobbing but trying to hide my tears unsuccessfully.
    The coach handed all of my clothes and shoes to the principal's assistant and asked her to take them to the principal's office. I would be allowed to go there after school which was about forty-five minutes later to retrieve them. The teacher told me to stand next to a wall which was near an open window. While I was standing a few people walked by. A couple of them looked at me. After school, along with the coach, I walked naked to the principal's office for my clothes. He slapped my bottom once for not keeping my hands at my sides as I walked.
    Later that night, my father spanked me as punishment for being spanked at school.

  4. I wrote the comment above dated April 24th. I have come to realize that some who write comments on this website make it known in one way or another that they are writing fiction. I want everyone to know the story I wrote above is real and happened to the best of my memory exactly as written. One problem I had in writing the story was there wasn't enough text room to write all of the details that I thought were important for a better understanding. I had to edit out much of what I had written originally because of the text amount limitation.
    Our culture in the U.S. has changed tremendously over the past thirty or so years pertaining to the subject of male nudity, and perhaps for the better, the male nudity versus female nudity double standard. By way of one example, male with male nudity shyness was uncommon many years ago and, in actuality, if a healthy male was shy about his body in the presence of other males, he was considered to be effeminate and possibly Homosexual. The subject of Homosexuality was disdained years ago. In some places practicing Homosexuals were imprisoned. I am writing of a time more than fifty years ago. According to a retired Psychiatrist I met through a mutual friend, in the 1950s and before, some adolescent males were institutionalized and given anti-Homosexual therapy [involving hypnotic and other types of drugs] for weeks or months at a time because their parents, their doctors and in some cases their teachers or their coaches at school considered the possibility the young man might be a Homosexual. What caused these authority figures to consider this possibility varied but included such situations as the adolescent male not wanting to be naked around his male peers for gym class, the adolescent male becoming emotionally upset when a family member saw him naked, the adolescent male being overly inhibited about his nudity in appropriate situations when male nudity was expected or at the very least accepted, the adolescent male wanting to play with toys meant for girls, the adolescent male not wanting to participate in sports activities meant for males.
    I was told that usually the age range of males who were suspected of being homosexual and who, as a result of that suspicion were held in mental institutions was between fifteen and twenty-one years of age. Those over the age of twenty-one had to agree to be institutionalized unless they were considered to be dangerous whereas the ones under twenty-one did not. The psychiatrist told me that most of the ones under twenty-one were taken away from their homes with their parents permission but against the will of the young man being institutionalized. In some cases the young men would be injected with a sedative to keep them from resisting. She said institutional confinement for this reason first happened in Russia in the 1920s and then branched into Germany during the late twenties and thirties and then into the United States during the 1940s.
    Forty plus years ago, most men offered no resistance to being seen naked in appropriate situations or situations that were considered appropriate in those times for male nudity. For the most part, if a male was actually shy about his nudity, he did not reveal this type of shyness to others for fear of societal disdain or avoidance.


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