Saturday, December 22, 2018


How embarrassing to go so undignified before everyone... privates swinging everywhere!


  1. Back in the late 1960s, the picture above shows exactly the way a friend of our family spanked his son while we were visiting. His son had been playing baseball too close to the house with his brother and some other boys consequently breaking a window in their home. His brother was also spanked the same way. Their father used a large wooden paddle for the punishment. Their sister had a visiting female friend who was one of the classmates of one of the young men being punished. I remember hearing her giggle when she witnessed their father forcibly stripping the first one to be punished out of the shorts he was wearing which completely revealed his naked body because he was not wearing underwear and neither was his brother. Both of the young men were older adolescents.

    1. Sounds thrilling. I’n sure the young men were ashamed and horrified to be viewed like that by a classmate! Hopefully they had some time spent on display in the corner or hall after—still without shorts

    2. Yes, actually they had to stand naked next to a wall for about thirty minutes after being forced by their mother to apologize to all of the guests for the disturbance. While the older of the two young men was apologizing, rather suddenly he had an erection, a very much unwanted erection. He continued having the erection for about half the time he was standing next to the wall.
      Incidentally and off the subject, I found this website because I was looking for proof that males used to swim naked in schools years ago. I am in my seventies and recently I mentioned in passing to the great grandson of a friend of mine that male students used to swim naked. The friend's grandson told me that his grandfather told him about this too and then he accused me of conspiring with his grandfather in an attempt to fool him. He absolutely refused to believe his grandfather or me in this respect.
      While I was looking for proof, I found your website and this particular page:
      Later I will make a comment on that page. I do not have a Google Account. By "name/url" are you referring to an email address? Signing anonymously is too difficult and time consuming. Last time I posted I spent about 15 minutes trying to prove I'm not a robot. I hope it doesn't take that long this time.

    3. Were their faces as red as their bottoms?


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