Saturday, October 27, 2018

Clothes Taken Away (Comment Welcome)

"...sir, please..." he stammered."Not in front of... I'm na-- "

The word caught in his throat. Naked--in front of his giggling, ogling cousins!


  1. A good firm grip on the shoulder so that he knows his pathetic whining will have no effect, other than to make his wide-eyed cousins giggle even more as they see his private parts jiggling as he walks into the room

    1. His uncle had warned him a few times about getting a "baring", as he called it, but he had just rolled his eyes! He won't soon forget this... and neither will they! His insides are like jelly as he overhears their comments about his bare body and gleeful jokes... Surreal, he can hear the tick tock of the clock on the wall and his temple throbbing in distress--plus the cool draft on his naked ass!


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