Sunday, July 15, 2018

Desperation: Stripped Naked and Left

The blood rushed in his head.. it was three miles back to his parents' farm. How could the bullies be so cruel?


  1. He doesn't know what is more embarrassing: to be seen naked by the girls of his same age or by more mature women?

    1. Both! Whenever he misbehaves (or, someome blames him for something) he gets a baring: dragged by the ear nude to a hallway or corner, hands behind his back, no matter who sees. The girls his age giggle and whisper—but the older women make comments!

    2. I imagine he has a high risk of meeting a big variety of people on the way home, each of which has its own different reaction. The only thing in common is that the eyes of all of them will immediately point to his private parts. Not to mention the cars that pass on the road... he can not see who is inside, it could be anyone.

    3. yes, totally helpless to cover his bareness. Likely to encounter a mix of angry locals assuming he's a pervert or those who can't contain their laughter at the naked blur running by. I also have to imagine it's morning (can't wait until dark) and he just moved to the area, so no shortcuts or places to ask for help...


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