Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stripped naked in front of everyone

19 and naked... how humiliating!! He blushed as he felt their eyes scour over his bare skin, fixating on his crotch...

A couple of these are from an artist called "J. Tesker," who I know little about except that (s)he does good work


  1. My stepmother always enjoyed to strip me fully naked to spank and slap me. Than my stepsister took the hand to discipline me. She was even meaner than her mother she was using a switcher, then she forced me to dress up like a girl.
    40 years later dating a lot of girls still I dressed up like a girl on my own time
    I have a secret armoire filled up with stockings, pantyhose, garter belts, boots and shoes, skirts and mini, whigs and hairpiece, lipstick and make up. I have a budget for my compulsive disorder. Still I enjoy going out with women.


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