Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First attempt at photoshop...

This is my first attempt at CFNM/CMNM photoshop... room for improvement, but I believe it turned out decently >:)

Quite a scene: You can turn your back to the on-comers, but it doesn't make you less naked!

I imagine this young man has gotten caught doing something that required a very unconventional form of discipline... Sent away for the summer at age 19 to reform his punk behavior, his strict, drill-sergent-type uncle had arranged for a weekend trip to the beach. As could be imagined, he was less than thrilled to discover a joint in his nephew's swim trunks pocket... and devised an appropriate punishment for hiding such things in one's clothes.

An afternoon of smirks, whispers, giggles, and pointed fingers ought to serve a lesson...


  1. He tries to appear detached, but in reality he would like to disappear... especially when he feels observed by girls of his age. Right now he can see some of them giggle with their amused mothers, certainly making funny comments about him.

    1. The comments and giggles are the worst torment. The girls love to mock the bare boy and his exposed penis. All he can do is put on a brave face, wriggle in the sand and try to turn his back to the crowd... but that won't stop the crowd from seeing him


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